"Choose Life" Expositions


The mission of the Right to Life Foundation

poster3The aim of the Right to Life Foundation is to ensure the right to life for every man, woman, and child, including the unborn child. The rights of persons are not related to age, nor size. Withdrawing the rights and dignity of any individual is an assault on the rights of all individuals.
We seek to accomplish this by influencing public opinion so that everyone may understand that abortion is not a 'lesser evil', but iniquitous murder. The truth of abortion reaches people more effectively via images than words. Therefore we use authentic post-abortion photos and video recordings. We are aware of the macabre nature of the images, but we use them as they represent the truth about abortion.

We know that changing public opinion can only be achieved by alerting the conscience of people who are aware of the wickedness of abortion. We want them to be active, because evil triumphs when good men are passive. We count on millions of people joining in our actions. To reach them, we need hundreds of activists all over Poland. They will need financial and organizational support. We wish to vouchsafe them both the first and second.

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